Silk elastic midi – bottle green (Kopia)

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Our hair scrunchies are incredibly gentle, holding hair very well without pulling, tangling or tugging, helping to reduce breakage and damage. The top-quality mulberry silk also prevents frizz and kinks, so you’ll have smooth and shiny hair even after wearing it tied up in a ponytail all day.

With mini SO FLUFFY silk scrunchies, you can easily make your hair look healthier and feel happier.

Silk elastic midi – bottle green (Kopia)
100% natural silk
Silk elastic midi – bottle green (Kopia)
14 days to return
Silk elastic midi – bottle green (Kopia)
Handsewn in Poland
Silk elastic midi – bottle green (Kopia)
Beautiful packaging
Product features
  • 100% natural silk.
  • The product sewn with the greatest care in Poland.
Washing and care
Wash briefly in lukewarm water in a mild silk detergent or hair shampoo. Dry in a shaded place flat.
The lead time for orders is from 2 to 7 business days.
Return and exchange
You have the right to return any merchandise within 14 days of receipt. Custom-made products and products sold in the pre-order system are not eligible for returns.

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Silk elastic midi – bottle green (Kopia)
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